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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Type of Product

Type of Product is one of the three main divisions in the Buyer´s Guide. The other two main divisions are Category and Store. It is set up this way to properly address the different products and ways of outlining what it practically means to consume conscientiously. Briefly, a Type of Product is a lumping of like products that might be found in the same Store and with the same Category. A Category is a classification or certification of a specific product. Lastly, a Store is a specific place, corporation, or shop in which products may be obtained. This means that any given product when entered into the Buyer´s Guide will have at least one Category, Store, and Type of Product to describe it. This makes the merits of any given product implicitly known.

With this setup the Guide can provide information about the multiple levels that conscientious consuming operates on. It provides general information about stores and their practices as businesses. It provides general information about groupings or types of products. And, it provides general information about categories to be looking for in products.

All Type of Products posts are found within the Type of Product label and their title is prefaced with "Type of Product: "

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