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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Natural Foods

Many products now a days are advertised as being "Natural". The original intent behind this label is to distinguish foods which are not refined (such as sugar and flour), are not hydrogenated (such as oils), are not artificial (such as sweeteners, food colorings, and food flavorings), and are generally processed less. Products with this label would seemingly be worthwhile purchases for personal health, reduced energy use for production, and because they have a higher chance of supporting worthwhile corporations and local businesses. However, there is no unified label that dictates what "Natural" really means, and therefore companies use it as a marketing technique.

In most cases, it is best to refer to the other categories when deciding what the best choice product is. In a lot of cases "Natural" products are healthy choices. The only problem is that often times the healthy choice may come from half-way around the world or may be produced in a non-conscientious manner. However, these products will most likely occur in conjunction with an Organic, Local, or Fair Trade description. In the cases where this is absent, more scrutiny must be had to determine the value of the product.

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