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Monday, June 25, 2007


What can be considered used goods?

Well it may seem rather simple but anything that was used before and is going being used again in its same form. This usually means that it has not been changed or remodeled into something else.

Why buy used goods?

To save money on items that could normally be expensive and to be resourceful. By buying used goods you are reducing items that otherwise would go to waste, and just as importantly you are keeping a product from being manufactured if you otherwise would buy it new.

Where to Look:

Check local papers for companies that are moving or closing. Scan auction announcements, yard-sale notices and online sites such as eBay. Find out about firms and companies that resell corporate cast-offs, used, old, and previously leased goods.

Avoid Risks:

If you don't have the expertise to evaluate what is offered, do your research. Nowadays you can find ample information about products and types of products online with a few searches. Put the time and effort into the research to ensure that you get what you want. Plus, the more work you put into it, the more you will appreciate the product when you have it! Keep in mind that some products are not good to buy used.

You can also buy certified used equipment directly from manufacturers such as IBM and Dell, or you can purchase from a remarketer. Canvas Systems of Atlanta refurbishes many brands of used IT equipment and sells them with warranties. Ask for references from any reseller.

Where to buy or look for used goods in Manhattan

  • Look in the newspaper classifieds such as the Manhattan Mercury
  • If buying a car look at used cars at dealerships
  • Used books - The Dusty Bookshelf is a business that is dedicated to selling used books, Hale Library has a sale during each semester with used books
  • Used clothes - Look at places like the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and R&R clothing
  • Used furniture - go to The Grand Ol' Trunk, Second Time Around, and other various antique stores around Manhattan
  • Garage sales in the spring and summer are great places to look for used item
  • Online resources such as Craig´s List and Freecycle are options as well

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