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Saturday, June 30, 2007


How do you know if and item is considered recycled?

Most items will be labeled if they are recycled including how much of it has been made out of recycled material.

Why choose recycled items?

Recycling helps eliminate the amount of waste being produced and it eliminates the amount of new resources being used unnecessarily. Recycling helps save our environment, supports our economy and helps you save money. The best way to really make recycling work is to use recycled products and packaging. It's up to you to close the recycling loop.

What are recycled items made out of?

Recycled items can be made out of a variety of items and materials. A lot of recycled materials are made from scrap metal or paper items since these things are the easiest to recycle. But recycled items are not limited to these items, they can be made out of anything that you can think of.

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